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A IndieWeb site service, built from the ground up for people. Get started now!

A “What” Now?

An IndieWeb site is one designed to allow its owner to own their data as well as command their experience on the Web. You might not care how it's built — you just want it up on the Web and working all of the time.

Learn more about the values upheld by the IndieWeb community.

Why Would I Want This?

You're fed up with companies taking advantage of your online identity. You want to post from your own site but still interact with people in silos. You're an artist looking to not have the platform pull your content from under your feet. A writer that wants to express themselves precisely as you intend.

Discover the principles of the IndieWeb that community members aim to uphold.

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Koype Hub uses your e-mail address as a method for identifying you. No passwords required.

Platform Features


One thing silos brought us was a lot of homogamy. In a world that understands and values diversity, our online identities should reflect the same!

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Singular Focus

The nature of "convenience" has allowed a lot of centralization to erode quality of products when it comes to tools online. Since Koype is built on open standards, any tool using Micropub can send content to appear on your site!

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Built to Last

Koype's tailored to keep your information as long as you deem fit. Delete whatever you want, archive it how you please and move your content out at any time. It's yours, after all.

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Extended Platform


Combine your use of Koype with Lwa, a social reader designed for people interacting with the open social Web.




Upgrade how Koype handles authentication with more security and integrations to services like Okta, Duo and more.



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